You Receive A Cryptic Letter….

Greetings [Your Name Here],

My name is unimportant at this time, but what is important is my offer. You have come to my attention as a person of potential use in a venture I am putting together. Specifically, I am gathering a crew for a ship, my ship, that will engage in commerce from the border worlds to the rim worlds and points in between.

I’m told you have an adventuresome soul and have an interest in steady pay. I do not offer steady pay, but do offer a generous cut of the profits and the opportunity to invest it back into our little operation, thereby increasing your earnings.

Safety in this venture is our goal, though goals are often not met, so it’s best that you are handy with a firearm – you’ll be expected to provide your own – know how to use your fists – again, you are to provide your own – and to have brains enough to know when not to use them – please be equipped with a brain – in order to survive the black and our many many destinations.

This offer is limited to the recipients of this letter only, you will be leaving your family, friends, and troubles behind you. This is a limited time offer as well. If you are interested you will appear in the VIP lounge of the Kittycat Lounge on Sin (4th Moon of Djinn’s Bane, Kalidassa) no later than 7pm Local time at 2/15/2518. Ask for “The Lucky Break” party private suite. Be packed and ready for immediate travel.

Best of luck in your travels,
Your Host and Future Employer

That’s how it all started. The Ship is the Lucky Break, and it’s a mid-bulk freighter without a class. She’s so new she was flown straight from the factory to Sin to sit on the dock pad right now, completing her maiden voyage. She’s built to haul a fair amount of cargo and a fair amount of passengers, some in fair comfort – the passengers that is.


To all new players: Welcome!

Serenity is on Sunday at 1pm cst. We are playing this weekend, we are well past The Lucky Break by now, and the campaign is in progress.
To play you’ll need to sign up for these 4 services (all free):
1. Discord. We use voice comms to play and they are required.
2. Roll20. After signup join the campaign by clicking the SERENITY CAMPAIGN INVITE LINK
3. Sign up for a free account at Box.com (so you can access all the content): https://account.box.com/signup/n/personal#ghxwl. Then send me the email you signed up with so I can give you access.
4. Join the campaign on ObsidianPortal.com (right here in fact) where the campaign info is, offline RP happens, the calendar and adventure logs are, etc then send me your nickname or email you signed up with. Here’s a link for your friends since you’re already here: SERENITY, Big Damn Heroes"

This may seem like a lot of work but it keeps the campaign data safe from trolls, which has been an issue in the past. The Box.com accounts makes all the links on ObsidianPortal.com work. OP is the storehouse of the information that will start getting dumped your direction and gives a place for offline roleplay and adventure logs and a community calendar. Finally, when needed, Roll20 is our virtual tabletop to roll dice, get fighty, and just generally be Big Damn Heroes.

Now, let’s have some fun! Thanks for joining!


BUILD YOURSELF A CHARACTER: We use the Serenity RPG system and the books describe how to make your character – sorta. They were more interested in their writing and the flavor of the manual than in actually explaining things so the information is pretty scattered. There is a word doc here called Serenity Character Building Rules that condenses it all for you. Handy, right?

In that same area there’s the Character Building spreadsheet called Serenity Character Building Spreadsheet) that has the rules baked in and does the heavy lifting for your character building chores. It doesn’t work in the viewer it pops up in, so download it and run it and it will work just fine! Don’t use it if you don’t want to, but prepare to do some math.

There’s a tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet that says Equipment (3 guesses what you’ll find there). Using these tools, you can build your very own Greenhorn character that will someday (hopefully) grow up to be a Big Damn Hero!



Credit where credit is due, a great deal of the content of this game site comes from other sources, so I have to give credit to:

Joss Whedon and all of the writers of Firefly/Serenity

The writers of the Serenity RPG (all books and supplements as I’m using everything), Margaret Weis Productions

The writers of the Cortex 3.0 RPG, who are providing my base game system

The Verse in Numbers, Andy Gore and the team from Quantum Mechanix, Inc

http://cortexsystemrpg.org/ Forums

Edgar Governo and his excellent timeline, located at http://www.mts.net/~arphaxad/firefly.html

Chris Pinckard, from whom the vast majority of everything here was brazenly copied (stolen), including this paragraph (with the exception of the opening letter and campaign setup and this run on sentence).

This is a fan-created site, not to be sold or used for profit in any manner.

Serenity: Big Damn Heroes