Alexander Koyla



—What did you do during the War? Why? Worked in a scrap metal yard on Boros and later on farms in the prairie..
—What side were you on? Why? None exactly, but Boros Metalyards supplied mostly Alliance.
—Why did you decide to become (whatever you are)? It was the first lucrative opportunity I came upon after leaving Boros.
—There are safer, possibly more lucrative, things to do, why are you interested in this? I’m good at it, though my talents are only occasionally put to use. Maybe boarding the Lucky break will be one of those interesting days.
—Who, out there, must be made to pay, and who feels that way about you? Why? The corporation and its leaders on Boros must pay for destroying my family. If I have to pay for anything it might be something I did since I became a mercenary, but nothing special comes to mind.
—Where is the one place you can’t go? Why not? Boros, not until I have a way to take down the company.
—Who is the one person you can’t face again? Why not? I can’t face my father again until I erase the shadows of our past.
—Who is the one person you must face again? Why? The leaders of the company on Boros.
—Where is the one place you must go? Why? I want to see Sihnon. I heard it is heavenlike.
—What is your unbreakable rule for yourself? Never trust a stuck up rich person.
—What one regret would you most like to atone for/correct/complete/etc? My mother’s death. Though it was no fault of my own, but I must make the people responsible pay for it.
—If you could do one thing over again and make a different choice, what would it be? I would stop my mother from going to work that day.
—If our knees bent backwards, what would chairs look like? They already bend backwards, so… the same.


Alexander was born on Boros (Georgia). His parents, who were of old Russian descent, were scrap metal workers and his mother was killed in an industrial accident caused by lacking safety measures. Lex always blamed corporate greed and the owners of the company as did his father but they were powerless to do anything about it. It drove his father to drinking and that in turn drove Lex to leave the city industry and spend some time in the prairie, eventually leaving the planet and looking for better opportunities elsewhere. He swore he will return one day and burn the company to the ground with all its owners still in it. Since he didn’t make it off Boros until after the war, he also didn’t take part on either side. Being a good shot, he caught the eye of the local mercenary group on Rhamba and as it seemed like a lucrative offer, he accepted the job. Through the years it turned out that the job was mostly sitting around the Manikata Starport waiting for an occasional employer, so he gladly accepted any chance to get away for a while, including Sheylock’s job to bolster security aboard the Lucky Break during its travels.

Alexander Koyla

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