Ida Ward

Captain of the Alto Photon

Age: 29 Height: 5’3" Weight: 110 Lbs Life: 12 Stun: 12

Appearance: Elegantly dressed at all times, red head, dual pistols in an elegant shoulder rig

d4 Athlete – Bonus to Athletic tasks
d4 Fightin’ Type – One free non-combat action during a combat round
d2 Allure – Bonus to social when using seduction
d2 Leadership once per session Leader can give bonus to another player for a critical task
d4 Lightening reflexes – Bonus to Initiative

d4 Amorous – Penalty to resist being seduced
d4 Ego Signature – Announces herself and ship, leaves a bullet on her victims
d4 All Preened Up – Addicted to style, always looks good, shopaholic
d2 Good Samaritan – Always support underdog, resist bullying, Will penalty to help underdog
d4 Things Don’t Go Smooth – GM will make char re-roll twice/session.

Str: d6 Agil: d10 Vit: d8 Alert: d12 Int: d10 Will: d10
Derived Traits:
Initiative: d12+d6(+d4) Long Haul: d10 Burst of Strength: d8 Memorize: d12+d4
Endurance: d12 Recall: d12+d2 Out Of Harm: d12+d6 Resist: d10
General Skills Specialty Skills
Guns d6 Guns: Pistols d4 d10 total
Unarmed Combat d6 Unarmed Combat: Judo d4 d10 total
Covert d2
Influence d4
Perception d4

Ida Ward

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